If you're a writer but can't seem to write anything because you are battling with writer's block, please put your pens up! This post is for you all. Writer's block is simply a condition where a writer is unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. At this point, it seems like your brain has stopped functioning, but you know very well so many words are trapped inside of you! Oh well not to worry here are some tips that have proven effective to help boost your juice 

1. Find the right position Be it sitting down, standing up, lying down or walking around, different positions work for different people. It’s up to you the writer to discover which position allows you to flow better when writing. 

2. Clear up the clutter. Remember this cliché “cleanliness is next to godliness”? Yeah, it also applies to writing; “cleanliness is next to easy flow of writing”. When you write you need to be in touch with your environment for inspiration and motivation. Imagine trying to brainstorm to come up with the next line or scene or even words and then you look around and realize “wow my room/office is in a mess!!” it does prevent you from writing any further and better. Cleaning up space where you write is essential and the first thing to do before you start writing. Make sure everything is well arranged and positioned and of course open the windows for some air. 

3. Some peace and quiet Be sure that your creative spot is not only clean but also serene and free of loud music, noise/people chattering so you can hear your own voice as you think. 

4. Kick that phone to the curb Having your phone around while you are trying to write is like putting loud music to a baby’s ears. It’s advisable to do away with any form of distraction and mobile phones are a major distraction. 

5. Be in touch with your senses Every one of us has those moments when a scent or an image inspires us. As a writer, being in touch with your senses helps you to imagine, create, and visualize your next scene or act. 

6. Inhale and Exhale Studies have shown that breathing in and out before engaging in a mental activity really improves the flow of blood to the brain regulates the heartbeat and of course clears the mind. 

7. Listen and trust your intuition Just go with the flow; as it comes, write it down.

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