Basic Concept.

NextScenes is a web-based content development system that aims to develop a content from a pool of ideas contributed by various creative minds. The platform attempts to provide forums for latent creative writers who may not otherwise be able to write a full book on their own. By expressing their views on story lines through the contributions of Story Bursts, potential writers are able to release all their latent creative energies and Nextscenes will harness the products of the world’s best creative minds into very compelling reading materials. All contributors, the Power Users, are required to participate under a pseudonym.
Imagine a storyline for a best seller or a blockbuster being developed from the ideas of a group of individuals’ interpretation of what the next scene should be! With a major goal of stimulating the imaginations of creatives and free thinkers, this is the future of group content development.  Next Scenes will present an opportunity for a communal way of content development where creative minds get exposure to the imagination of other minds. This will definitely be an innovation towards the way scripts are written and ultimately how publications and media content are developed.
Next Scenes also presents an opportunity for the average Joe with an imagination to become a contributor/co-writer to a publication or media content that will be produced and distributed. This also opens the door to make returns on your imagination regardless of who you are or what you do. Producers and publishers can now also create media for the people by the people! You can call this Democratic Entertainment!"
The ultimate goal is to compile books from the best inputs from these different sources: inputs with the most compelling contents. The successful contributors, those contributors whose materials were adopted for the books, will also benefit from the sales of the books when they are eventually published but in proportion to their contributions. Contributions are made in the form of Story Bursts, which are the proposed logical follow-up events or activities to those preceding scenes that have already been validated. The audience, all registered users, will rate the Story Bursts and the materials with the highest ratings will be adopted for the books. Registration into is FREE. Rating of Story Bursts, while voluntary, is very essential.
Basic Principle
The principle behind Nextscenes is simple. The story in any book comprises of different scenes. As a story line unfolds, a Power User that wishes to contribute will propose what a subsequent scene should be in no more than 500 words. A Power User will not contribute more than fifty times in the course of a book. Power Users will register into the Forums of their interest and commence contributions upon registration. A Power User may register in more than one Forum. Each Forum represents a particular genre of story.